A New Guitar Superhero – Nicholas Tosa – The Superunknows by Austin Reams

A New Guitar Superhero – Nicholas Tosa – The Superunknows by Austin Reams

“The Superunknows” introduces Nicholas Tosa, a guitar superhero with powers of reckless abandonment.

Austin Reams, the author of this novel, created Nicholas to fill a vacuum of music-based heroes “There are a lot of us – lovers of science fiction and superheroes – who also love music and the guitar itself, as an instrument and work of art and beauty,” says Reams. “With the variety of superheroes around today, it seemed to me that there should be more whose powers are founded in music with attitude.”

Reams says that the characters in “The Superunknowns” get their abilities from the source of their deepest desires and inspiration. Twin sisters, Edith and Irene, have the ability to know the answer to any fact-based question with morphing shield powers and ultra-powerful telekinetic and samurai sword skills.

Nicholas is a resident of the wasteland that remains of Jemez Pueblo, near Los Alamos, New Mexico. He has a passion for blues and rock, and plays a wicked Fender Stratocaster. He returns home to see his dying grandfather, Chei, when massive UFOs the size of mountains appear from sundogs around the world. One of them begins to follow Nicholas. While playing Stevie Ray Vaughn’s rendition of “Little Wing,” in grief from the passing of Chei, he develops his powers.

After meeting up with his estranged father, Nicholas attempts to escape the UFO by following an underground tunnel into the deepest secrets under Los Alamos National Laboratory, the birthplace of the atomic bomb. When Nicholas plays his Strat with feeling, he can blast destructive waves from the end of the head stock, surf through the air at incredible speeds, and even heal mortal wounds.

The analogue setup of his guitar rig is key to his powers.
In a future age when digital has overtaken all other forms of technology, the heroes in “The Superunknowns” realize that analogue technology, which amplifies their abilities, is infinitely superior to digital.

Digital signals have a finite number of values, meaning their range of signals is limited. The resolution of an analogue signal, on the other hand, is essentially limitless, which is why analogue tones sound better. The problem is, the signal degrades, giving rise to so-called background or white noise. While true that digital signals don’t degrade and are more predictable, they can never have the depth of soul and sound as analogue signals.

Nicholas is a huge fan of ANALOGMAN guitar effects. Made by Analog Mike, Analogman pedals and guitar effects are all analog, and as such, sound infinitely better than digital crap. (Ahem.) Nicholas’ favorite two Analogman pedals are: Maxon OD-9 with Analog Man classic 808 mod with the “Silver” option (also preferred by Kenny Wayne Sheppard) CLICK HERE and the King of Tone CLICK HERE overdrive pedals. (Pictured.)

(Neither Nicholas Tosa nor Austin Reams are endorsed by Analogman, or vice versa. Reams doubts that Analogman even knows who they are.)

It’s about time guitarists had a kickass superhero to dole out some reckless abandonment of riffn’ whop ass on evil ones in need of tough lessons. Check out “The Superunknowns” to see Nicholas’ story play out. FIND THE SUPERUNKNOWNS HERE.


Copyright (c) 2016 Austin Reams, all rights reserved.

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