Odd Apocalypse – Good Read But No Answers

Odd Apocalypse – Good Read But No Answers

As far as the “Odd” series goes, and a generally good and interesting read, I would have to give this a 4-ish-star ratting. But after finishing this book, I feel more than ever that this series is going nowhere and that Koontz is merely dragging out Odd Thomas’ exploits with no intention of answering any of the lingering questions driving this story. He apparently only intends on selling more pulp fiction.

Again, Odd finds himself in a similar situation: a bunch of bad guys, and at least one cute girl, who are deeply disturbed and evil are killing (planning to kill, or ruthlessly controlling) people who do not deserve such treatment. There’s plenty of paranormal teasers, with reflections on past mysteries of Thomas’ unexplained powers/insights, but absolutely no explanations.

After reading all books in this series (and even after these last 3 books) there’s still no answer to these questions:

– Why will Thomas spend eternity with Stormy Lewellan and under what circumstances?
– What are Bodachs and what was that weird room in the first book?
– Who the heck is Anna Maria?
– And many many others.

This story was fun, particularly because it involves time travel and Tesla, but I’m growing wearing of re-reading stories that appear to have no other purpose than to tease (bilk is more like it) “Odd”-devotes to come back for answers that will never come.

Koontz knows how to make money as a writer. I guess his books at least serve as a model to aspiring writers on how to base a salable career. As for me, I will not return to this series until I’ve heard second hand that Koontz provides some real answers.

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