Annihilation: Fascinating Read With No Answers

Annihilation: Fascinating Read With No Answers

Annihilation is like reading Zork or one of those PC games where you’re lost in a bizarre world, tasked with trying to figure out what’s going on and to work out puzzles which will lead you back home. The problem is, Annihilation doesn’t have many answers. In fact, it really has none, as far as I can tell. And so, Annihilation could best be described by its title as something that happens to you, the complete destruction of purpose. Maybe that is the point. Maybe not. I still enjoyed reading this curious little book, anyway, and would recommend it to others.

None of the characters have names. Just the biologist, anthropologist, psychologist, etc. The characters are part of an expedition, put together apparently by an unnamed authority, possibly a government, to explore Area X, which apparently (again there are many things that are strongly suggested but not actually confirmed or explicitly stated) is an area that has suffered some kind of environmental disaster. It is at least clear that it is a place where weird and unexplained things happen, and have happened, and where a multitude of prior expeditions disappeared and most died. Why on earth others would willingly agree to volunteer on an expedition to this place that has devoured others without explanations is unclear. I guess that’s why I kept reading, and without any ultimate explanation. None at all. I kept thinking, Wow, that’s really weird. Or, that’s so screwed up. What’s happening?

Now that I think about it, Annihilation reminds me a little of Seize the Night series by Dean Koontz. As the story progresses, more and more questions are raised, and the reader chases after them. But no answers are ultimately given. Some readers may find this to be frustrating. I get that. Still, Annihilation was a fun read, and the fact that it was so short, makes me willing to be more lenient when given the short end of the story telling stick. After all, I have a movie to look forward to.

Austin Reams
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