VIDEO – Revealed! Location of Deep Underground Military Bases in The Superunknowns!

VIDEO – Revealed! Location of Deep Underground Military Bases in The Superunknowns!

The location of U.S. Deep Underground Military Bases Revealed in this video!

In The Superunknowns, Edith Song develops paranormal abilities, is kidnapped by the U.S. government and taken to a deep underground military base for questioning. The location — 29 Palms in southern California, with multiple sub-levels miles below the surface — is identified and described in detail in the novel, as are other locations.

Where are all the deep underground military bases?

About The Superunknowns by Austin Reams:

Edith is forced to take a polygraph in a deep underground military base. She and her twin Irene develop supernatural abilities when massive flying objects appear from the sun, and the government wants answers. With each question, the answer silently comes, but some questions have no answer and some answers are not what she expects. She has been told her father is dead, but he is alive in a debtor’s labor camp in middle America, toiling with masses of others in a zombified state, believing they’re still living out normal lives back home. In a future world imprisoned by lies, Edith and Irene, who is a Japanese sword master with telekinetic powers, fight to escape and destroy the system which has enslaved millions.



Copyright to this video, text, voice, narrative, any and all graphics and any and all other related images or information, (C) 2017, Austin Reams, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED UNDER US AND INTERNATIONAL LAWS.

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