States Build Debtor Prisons For Profit – The Superunknowns

States Build Debtor Prisons For Profit – The Superunknowns

In “The Superunknowns,” 75 years in the future, people are incarcerated in debtor prison camps when they can’t pay off their debts. Prisoners are forced to cooperate, bound by confidentiality, while their families believe their missing loved ones have either died or gone away for a “better” life, job or other false reason. The imprisoned are eventually forgotten by their families who are distracted by a virtual world presented through contact lenses. And the prisoners themselves believe they are living in “freedom” back home, when they are actually working in “Freedom Colonies,” endless work camps.

This horrific setting is becoming a reality in America as States build prisons with the explicit purpose of ‘boosting the economy.’ Click here for link to Oklahoman article, June 24, 2016, “Community hopes prison’s return will boost economy.”Click here for article in The Oklahoman, February 19, 2016, “Judge Says Oklahoma County Jail is Overcharging Inmates.”

Read “The Superunknowns” for a glimpse of our future of debtor camps. Click here to learn more.

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